What Wonderful World

by Bob Thiele and George David Weiss.


My name is Betsy Parada. I’m a full-time professional musician. I am from Berkeley and have also lived in Paris, London, and Cambridge (UK). I now live in a small village at the base of the San Francisco Bay and return to France as often as possible. I grew up performing music with my dad, a pianist and composer, who taught me a huge repertoire from many styles.

I’ve played all sorts of gigs, from very large festivals to very small concerts. My favorite performances are those where the music connects us on a personal level, where the audience members realize that they aren’t alone and we are all experiencing so much in common. Music is genuinely an international language.

If you like what you hear and are interested in booking me for an event, please click here to contact me.

A note on the audio recordings on this site: as much as I love full-blown studio recordings with a lot of instrumentation, my live performances do not include such and I want to represent here what you will hear live. So, these are exactly that, simple recordings performed live.