My name is Betsy Parada. I’m a professional musician. Born in Berkeley, I have also lived in Paris, London, and Cambridge (UK). I live the San Francisco Bay Area and spend part of every year back in Europe. I grew up performing music with my dad, a pianist and composer, who taught me a huge repertoire from many styles.

Je m’appelle Betsy Parada, je suis musicienne professionnelle. Née à Berkeley en Californie, j’ai habité Paris plus jeune ainsi que Londres et Cambridge. Maintenant j’habite près de San Francisco, je retourne chaque année en Europe. J’ai passé mon enfance en donnant des concerts avec mon père, il était compositeur et pianiste. Grâce à lui, j’ai appris un très grand répertoire de musique de beaucoup de genres.

Frankie and Johnny


I’ve played all sorts of gigs, from very large festivals to very small concerts. I am focused now on playing House Concerts. A House Concert is a concert that anyone can host in his or her home The host invites friends and family to come over for a simple potluck, followed by a musician playing a live concert in the living room or outdoors.

House Concerts give an audience an up-close and intimate experience with live music, something many people have never had the opportunity to enjoy. This is a traditional concert, with seating on chairs, couches, and sometimes the floor. The audience is focused on listening to the music. (It is not background music.)

The host asks guests in advance to make a donation during the concert directly to the musician. The amount of the donation may be a fixed or a suggested amount or up to each guest.

I’ve performed and attended many House Concerts, and enjoy them very much from the audience’s and performer’s perspective because the framework allows for sharing music at a closeness otherwise not possible.

If you like what you hear on this site and are interested in booking me for a house concert, please click here to contact me.