Gallery I: Videos

Videos with original background music and original arrangements of traditional songs.

Losing Sight ( Perdre la vue )
A true story about my losing and regaining my vision twice.

Pour nous tous (For All of Us)
This is a song that I wrote in French when the pandemic began. My lifelong friends from France were due to visit and had to cancel their trip. The distance we felt from this separation was very painful, so I wrote this song for everyone, as it was a pain suffered all over the world.

The era of the car is over.
This film is unsettling and as abrupt as is Climate Change.

Wade in the Water
Images illustrating the barricades that people of color face.

Every child deserves to be planned and wanted by its mother.
I made this video to honor my mother, who worked tirelessly to expand and protect women’s reproductive rights..

When life gives a single parent lemons, one must make at least lemonade.

For My Sons