Demo Dollies

We’re about to leave for the Silicon Valley Auto Show. I’m concerned about the working conditions for the Demo Dollies, the models hired to lure especially men towards the cars.

Upon entering the grand exhibition hall, we see this sign.

Inside the show, there is absolutely no sign whatsoever of any Demo Dollies. None. Did they decline as well?

There are instead grills. Everywhere. Amazing grills.

I sit in some drivers’ seats to check the view. It’s very limited.

Demo Dollies!

I jump out of the car and go to talk to them. They look extremely weary.  They are young women in their twenties. “Your feet…” I ask, “Do they hurt?” They look at me with such appreciation and say, “Yes, they really do.” I can tell that their backs and hips hurt too. Little do they know how their future bunions will feel. “I can’t wait to go home and soak my feet,” one of them says to me. I ask if they’re allowed to wear slippers. “No,” they say, “We have to wear these shoes all day on the floor.” Daft!

I move on in search of more Demo Dollies. Instead, I find a massive vehicle.

It’s a Dodge RAM Promaster. It’s a 3.6 litre V6 280 hp 6-speed automatic. I prefer stick shifts, but who’s to complain if I can see to drive? Front-wheel drive. Towing capacity 5,100 lbs. Room enough to drive our Amphicar right on into the bed. I like this vehicle.

Our largest vehicle currently is our 2010 Tacoma, since our ‘83-ish Peugeot 505 wagon just left home for good and headed south. We don’t need nor are we going to buy another vehicle right now, but I like the RAM. It’s very practical. Well, maybe not so much for parking, but parking is a thing of the past in today’s traffic.

I check the specs on the RAM 3500 pickup. They are taped to the passenger window.

I spot more Demo Dollies.

VW and Subaru are the kindest shoe-wise to the Demo Dollies, even though VW’s shoes don’t fit right. At least they aren’t stilettos.

By 7:00 pm, the Auto Show’s Demo Dollies have had enough. So have I.