What is a House Concert?

A House Concert is a concert that anyone can host in his or her home, inviting friends and family to come over often for a simple potluck to hear a musician or small ensemble play one or two sets of live music in the living room or outdoors.
House Concerts give an audience an up-close and intimate experience with live music, something many people have never had the opportunity to enjoy. This is a traditional concert, with seating on chairs, couches, and sometimes the floor, where the audience is focused on listening to the music. (It is not background music.)

The host asks guests in advance to make a donation for the concert. The donations collected may be a fixed or a suggested amount or up to each guest. Usually, all of the donations go to the musician(s). Musicians may have merchandise, such as CDs, available. The audience usually has the chance to interact directly with the musician(s), whether between sets or after.

I’ve performed and attended House Concerts, and enjoy them very much from the audience’s and performer’s perspective because the framework allows for sharing music at a closeness otherwise not possible.

If you would be interested in hosting a House Concert and have me perform, please click here to contact me.